Interregional Network for PhD Education and Research

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About US

Intiatitve to Innovation 

 The project supposes active involvement of participant institutions in elaborating new teaching initiatives, generating innovative research and education programs, contributing to the enrichment of postgraduate education. We strongly believe that the creation of the network will underpin the efficacy of research  and  education  and  serve  as  a  unique  tool  for peace generation  and  softening  relationship between countries and ethnic groups with different religious and social orientations. This will be a joint education and research collaboration serving to facilitate information exchange among researchers, promote Life Sciences in the countries of participant institutions. INPER at Delhi will facilitate in inviting applications for the PhD Centre in Armenia and will screen candidates by conducting  interviews.  Successful candidates will be recommended for admission to the Programme and will not be required to clear any further exams to be eligible for admission.




Empower Research Capacity.

Improve PhD Educaton.


Promote Innovation and Exploitation of Research Results