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life in Armenia

Land of splendid treasures

Armenia is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction, This charming country boasts of rich history. Armenia, which was the first country to proclaim Christianity as its state religion, can offer visitors some of the most spectacular views in the Caucasus, where the top of the Biblical Mount Ararat dominates the horizon of the country. Mount Ararat is a national symbol of Armenia, despite the fact that it is located on the territory of modern Turkey, right near the Armenian-Turkish border. Locals consider it sacred because  it was there that Noah's Ark landed. Armenia is home to countless beautiful monasteries, and they were often built in places of truly outstanding natural beauty.



Successful candidates can obtain entry visa in the Embassy of Armenia in their respective country. The Embassy issues a single entry visa to the student. The student receives a Resident Card once in Armenia, free of charge. The permission for the student’s parents and relatives for a visit to Armenia is managed through LSIPEC, UNESCO/UNITWIN Network.




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